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The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Expert Group on Clean Fossil Energy (EGCFE) works to enhance the long-term economic and environmental attributes of fossil fuel production and use throughout the APEC region. EGCFE’s projects assist APEC member economies that rely on fossil fuels in meeting their economic development and sustainability goals.



International Workshop on Best Practice Guidance of Effective Coalbed Methane Recovery Technologies for APEC Developing Economies, 30–31 May, 2018, Beijing, China. See the General Information Circular.

APEC EGCFE Oil and Gas Meeting 2018, Tokyo, Japan, 9 March 2018

APEC Water-Energy Nexus Expert Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 31 October–1 November 2017. Report now available.

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Request for Proposals

The APEC has published a new RFP seeking services to conduct a Peer Review on Efficient Power. For more details, please see our Request for Proposals page here.


Workshop Reports
EGCFE Meeting Minutes and Progress Reports
Project Reports

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